There is a growing literature on urban labour issues. Below is a list of some key documents (full credit to the authors, NOT ULN), which will be periodically updated and built upon. The Urban Labour Network cannot post all possible documents on urban labour; as it would require an active observatory, for which ULN does not have the necessary resources at this stage . Nevertheless, we are confident that the documents posted are valuable. We also count on the members of the Network to help update the list!



The role of decent work conditions in greening the urban environment” (2012), by Werna, E. and Saboor Atrafi, A. In Kennet, M. and Ka-Ming Mak, W. A. (eds.), “Green Economics & Climate Change”. Green Economics Institute, Reading UK.
Working in Green Cities: Improving the Urban Environment While Creating Jobs and Enhancing Working Conditions” (2012), by Werna, E. In Simpson, R. and Zimmermann, M. (eds.); “The Economy of Green Cities – A World Compendium on the Green Urban Economy”. Springer Books.
Green jobs in construction” (2012), by Werna, E. In Ofori G. (ed.), “Contemporary Issues in Construction in Developing Countries”, Spon Press, Oxon.


Housing and Labour Markets

Housing Tenure, Job Mobility and Unemployment in the UK

Battu H. Ma A. PhimisterE._2008_housing tenure job mobility unemployment

Battu H. Ma A. Phimister E.

Does High Home-Ownership Impair the Labor Market?

Blanchflower D. & OswaldA._2013_Does high home ownership impair the labour market

Blanchflower D. & OswaldA

Housing Tenure and Labour Market Impacts: The Search Goes On

Coulson E. Fisher L._2009_housing tenureand labour impacts

Coulson E., Fisher L.

Tenure Choice and Labour Market Outcomes

Coulson E. Fisher L._2010_tenurechoice and labour market outcomes

Coulson E., Fisher L.

Do Home Owners Have Higher Future Household Incomes

Di Z.X._2007_do homeowners have higher income

Di Z.X.

Housing and Labor Decisions of Households


M. Consuelo Colom • M. Cruz Mole´s

Housing and the Labor Market: Time to Move and Aggregate Unemployment


Peter Rupert, Etienne Wasmer

Home Ownership and Labour-Market Behaviour: Interpreting the Evidence

Rouwendal J Nijkamp P_2010_homeownership and labour-market

Jan Rouwendal, Peter Nijkamp

Job Creation and Housing Construction: Constraints on Metropolitan Area Employment Growth

Saks R._2008_job creation andhousing construction constraints

Raven E. Saks

House Lock and Structural Unemployment

Valleta R._2013_house-lock and structural unemployment

Robert G. Valletta

The Built Environment

The Health of Workers in Selected Sectors of the Urban Economy: Challenges and Perspectives—ed_dialogue/-–sector/documents/publication/wcms_208090.pdf

Francisco Comaru and Edmundo Werna

Manual “BEL” (Built Environment & Labour): Formulating Projects and Studies Concerning Labour Issues in Greening the Sectors of the Built Environment
International Labour Organization, 2012

Proven Methodologies for Successful Income Generating Projects in Neighbourhood Upgrading Programs: Operational Guidelines

Inter-American Development Bank and the Büro für Umweltmanagement und

Participatory Approaches for Planning and Construction Related Assistance in Settlement Upgrading and Expansion
David Williams

Green Jobs Creation Through Sustainable Refurbishment in the Developing Countries
Ramin Keivani, Joseph H.M. Tah, Esra Kurul, and Henry Abanda

Labour Oriented Participation in Municipalities
Carlien van Empel and Edmundo Werna

The Role of Local Authorities in Promoting Decent Work
Jeroen Klink

Cities at Work: Employment Promotion to Fight Urban Poverty
International Labour Organization

Cultural Heritage, Economic Development and the Built Environment: Considerations about the Role of Employment
Edmundo Werna

Trade Unions and Informal Workers’ Associations in the Urban Informal Economy of Ecuador
Catherine Vaillancourt-Laflamme


The Urban Economy and Its Sectors
International Labour Organization

Labour Conditions for Construction: Decent Work, Building Cities and The Role of Local Authorities
Roderick Lawrence and Edmundo Werna

Habitat International Journal


Green Jobs Creation Through Sustainable Building Retrofitting
Abdul Saboor Atrafi
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